Saturday, December 4, 2010

joyful: december 4

today was one of those wonderful days. a day that i simply cannot pick only one thing that brought me joy. the list is long today.

-getting to sleep in until 9 because chris took meredith out for a walk and breakfast
-seeing meredith meeting her father's grandmother
-sending out our christmas cards
-enjoying a peppermint mocha
-driving through scenic roads in some of my favorite new england towns
-singing christmas carols to my heart's content
-hunting for the perfect christmas tree farm
-picking out and (chris) cutting down our first christmas tree as a family of three
-getting cider donuts and a chicken pot pie to cook for dinner
-setting up and decorating our christmas tree

all these things brought me so much joy, but mostly it was the fact that i am so totally in love with my husband and baby girl.

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Leah said...

Love your list! Sounds like the perfect day! : )

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