Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Weekend

This weekend was lovely. Chris was finally done with the grad class that took over his life this semester. He was so relaxed and we enjoyed some lazy mornings and family fun times.

Friday night, we took Meredith swimming for the first time. It was super fun, probably more for us than her. The water wasn't quite as warm as it could have been, so I'm not sure she was very comfortable. It was still really fun to see our little fishy. She was most interested in all the people. I'm excited to take her back :)

Saturday we went to a zoo that has a Christmas lights display. It was definitely on the corny side, but it's funny how a little baby makes everything more fun and meaningful. We were with good friends and Meredith was very fascinated by all the lights. We then had friends and Chris's parents over for dinner after. It was a cozy, warm night with soup and cookies :)

On Sunday morning, we made some yummy donuts for breakfast. Pictures and instructions to come tomorrow. Later in the afternoon, Meredith got to meet our friends' new baby, her future BFF! Meredith is currently 3 times the size of her friend. Hopefully it will even out :)

Meredith also enjoyed some carrots for the first time. So far she loves carrots, squash and applesauce and hates peas and avocados.

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