Monday, December 20, 2010

Nothing But Love... (VI)

pics Celebrities Nicole Kidman Nicole KidmanI'm now onto my sixth celebrity crush. Click here to see the first five. I have a seriously girl crush issue. But, so far, I have good company with those of you who share the love, so I'm going to stop anytime soon.

Nicole Kidman is up next. I think she is stunning. I loved her the most in Cold Mountain. She had a bit of color in her cheeks throughout the movie, which made her quite breath-taking.

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But, even when she's wearing yet another one of her nude dress ensembles, I think she's beautiful. I like to forget about the fact that she was married to Tom Cruise, and focus instead of the cuteness of her marriage to Keith Urban. They seem to sweet together. I recently saw her on The View and I guess they don't spend more than 3 days apart at a time. While that's a long time for me, I'm sure in their world, it's quite short. Tumblr_ld9notcjds1qctn7wo1_500_large

The funny thing about Nicole Kidman, though, is that I really haven't seem that many of her movies. She's like Natalie Portman to me, in that way. I love her and think she's super talented, but a long of her movies are a bit bizarre, dark or scary. And I do NOT do scary.

My two favorites of hers are Moulin Rouge and Cold Mountain. LOVE both of those movies and her in them.

How about you? Do you love Nicole Kidman? What's your favorite movie of hers?


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jana said...

I LOOOOOVE Nicole!!!! The Others (I don't do scary either, but I actually like this movie!!), Practical Magic, Moulin Rouge and Far and Away are a few of my favorites. She does do a LOT of dark movies, but she is so amazingly talented!! I LOVE her!!

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