Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Memorable Date


It was a Wednesday night. June 23rd. We felt like getting out, heading into town. So we drive around for a while trying to decide on where to eat. Chris checked the to see how long we'd have to wait for a table at several restaurants, while I stood, holding my belly and my hopes for a birth. We made our way (slowly) to one of our favorite restaurants and got a table on the patio right away.

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I don't remember what I ordered, or even exactly what we talked about. I do remember looking at two girls about my age who were dressed adorably and fashionably and were sharing a glass of wine. Oh how I missed wine. I remember feeling heavy and swollen and about to burst, but also radiant and beautiful and so incredibly grateful for that large tummy. I remember sitting across from my husband and best friend knowing this would be our last fancy date night without a little babe waiting for us back home.

After dinner we wandered over to a little park where Chris laid down, head on my lap and I struggled to get comfortable.


Eventually dessert came up, as it always does with a pregnant woman. Chris (finally!) agreed to brave the North End for me so I could get the cannoli I had so been dreaming of. He dropped me at the curb, I "ran" it and got two chocolate chip cannolis.


We drove aimlessly, eventually deciding on our favorite view of Boston. We found a bench. While we sat we ate our delectables, watched an assortment of people, watching me, pass by and enjoyed a peaceful sunset.



It is a date I will always remember. We were so filled with excitement and anticipation. We were loving being a couple of two, but looking forward to being joined by our baby bird. And 5 days later we were.



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basebell6 said...

i have no idea what a chocolate chip cannoli is but I NEED ONE RIGHT NOW! lol. loved the pics :)

Jessica said...

What a nice date. Not easy to have those wonderful date nights as much once kids come along.

grace @ arms wide open said...

lovely! those are such fond memories, aren't they?

Kristin said...

Beautiful story. Totally made me think back to our last date before Elle's birth.

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