Tuesday, February 1, 2011

old skool

i love the hubs. i think you all know this. but, let's be honest. the hubs has taken a back seat on this here blog to let the babe get the spotlight. so, i think he's a bit deserving of this post. i came across these old pictures while looking for craft supplies.

Clockwise starting from top: 1) My best friend and I along with Chris and his best friend, sledding during our senior year of high school. This was once we were at a "crush" phase. 2) Chris's high school graduation party. We were dating by this point. 3) My sister and me at Chris's football game in the fall of our senior year of high school. We were just becoming good friends at this point, but goodness, I thought he was stud in that uniform! 4) This was the summer before our sophomore year of college (i think) down at the river on the Fourth of July


I love looking back at old photos. If you told me all those years ago that we would be married with a cutie baby, it sure would've been hard to imagine :)


basebell6 said...

awwh, they are all cute but the football one is my fav!! you guys have been together foreVER!!

Joe said...

your outfit to chris' graduation party...you were rockin' it. kuddos. hahah...

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