Friday, February 18, 2011

My yarn wreath!


Apparently I am the last person on the planet to hear of yarn wreaths, but fortunately, Mandy's post last week opened my eyes to this super fun craft. It took me the full week to grab enough time between saving my crawling baby from danger and trying to get her down for a nap during this week's nap strike, but I finally finished it yesterday. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I now want to hang a yarn wreath on every flat surface of my house. I might try to calm myself down and stick with seasonal ones for the front door. No promises.


I found these two tutorials to be most helpful:
The wreath:
The flowers:


Stephanie Thigpen said...

Adorable! You could do a giveaway with one yours is so good! Or, just send one to me... You know, whichever! :)

Mary Nevin said...

this is gorgeous!! I haven't heard of these yet but I love it!! May be my next project :)

Kate (This Place is Now a Home) said...

I love it! The colors you chose are perfect, too. Tres chic.

I just may have to make one for our new house!

basebell6 said...

you arent the last person on earth; i've never heard of one either!

Kristin W said...

So cute!!! I totally want to do one! I'm going to spend all my summer free time on crafts :)

Cute colors!

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