Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm so excited for the Oscars tonight. Hubs and I are planning on watching them in bed with some warm buffalo chicken dip and brownie sundaes. The only thing that would make tonight better would be a fancy designer dress and a ticket for the red carpet itself. I am no movie aficionado, but I thought I'd share my picks anyway! This year we made a concerted effort to see most of the movies so I actually care about seeing both the dresses and who wins.

Best Picture:

Best Actor:
I loved Colin Firth in this movie. I also just love him in general. I would love him to win.

Though, I also LOVED Jeff Bridges. I'd be happy for either to win.

Best Supporting Actor:

I really can't decide between these two. 

Best Actress:

I didn't actually see this movie. I don't do thrillers so well, but I have a feeling she's got this one.

Best Supporting Actress:

I loved all the women in this category (except I didn't see Animal Kingdom) but I think Melissa Leo will rock this.  I'd also be super happy if Helena Bonham Carter won.

Melissa Leo, The Fighter 

What are your picks? Will you be watching tonight?

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Kristin said...

I haven't seen many of the picks, but when we saw The Fighter, I thought for sure Christian Bale should win. He was amazing. It reminded me of his performance in The Machinist. (Perhaps he needs to keep doing movies with two words :))

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