Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seeking positivity

Two nights of less than stellar sleep on top of me and Meredith being sick has left me feeling a bit gloomy today. In an effort to cheer myself up, I thought I'd share some photos of things that are making me happy this week.

when bulk boxes of oreos are on sale, one must buy them, no?

a cute new baby swim suit that brings with it promises of summertime weather

my new milk glass (vases or candlesticks? it's a family debate) thrifted for under 2 bucks :)

the sweetness of little baby shoes

and, of course, this sweet sweater and baby face :)

and! last but certainly not least:
gif animators
she's crawling!


Kate (This Place is Now a Home) said...

Yay M!!! So exciting to have a mobile baby!!!

I am coveting your Oreos AND those adorable baby shoes. Love.

Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

Ooo, where did you get her swimsuit? Very cute!

basebell6 said...

yay meredith!! hope you 2 feel better soon :)

al said...

Mmm Oreos--everyone's guilty pleasure.
I really love all of your pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

Becky said...

Yay yay yay... So proud of mere. At the same time... So sad you guys are not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon!

Claire said...

Elizabeth, her new suit is from Target :) 10 dollars!

Al, it's my husband's camera. I think it's a Canon 5D.

Kristin W said...

I can relate...I am constantly seeking positivity through these winter, extremely long school months.

And I just adore that baby swim suit :) And yay for crawling!!

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