Friday, June 24, 2011

for the weekend.

I've never done a linky post for a Friday before and there's no guarantee that I'll ever do one again. I've seen a few things around the interwebz lately that I really wanted to share, so here goes:

I love this post from Mandy about motherhood.

If I weren't on a diet, I would be baking these as we speak.  Thought let's be honest, with a first birthday party coming up this weekend, I will hardly be dieting, so maybe I should just take the plunge and try 'em?

Oh, I'd love to be eating this whole thing by myself, too. 

Can you believe this picture of Oprah? I've always found her to be attractive, but I've never found her to be so stunning!

How jealous am I of Nina right now? Yes, I'm headed in her general direction for vacation soon, but it's like her life is vacation. For the record, I know it's not, but those pictures are heavenly.

This post from Arielle has left me thinking for a couple of weeks now. I really agree with her, but then again, I'm obsessed. See next link.

A sneak peek at Meredith's birthday party inspiration.

I will leave you with this video. My hope is that you can be as happy as this little chicken over the weekend. Oh! And check back tomorrow for my favorite pregnant photos, one year later :)



David McAnulty said...
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David McAnulty said...

Love the video of Meredith!

naturally nina said...

thank you for linking to me, you're so sweet. and no, my life isn't vacation but i'm not complaining either! :)

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