Thursday, June 9, 2011


Back in November, I wrote a gratitude post almost every day.  I do often think to myself how much I have to be thankful for, I haven't written it out in quite a while. Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet inspired me to get some new things down today.


I am thankful to be a stay-at-home mom. This week I am feeling it more than other weeks. We've gone on walks, played at the park, sat on the living room floor. It's been simple, but so wonderful.

Farm fresh eggs

I am thankful for the farmers market and the long walk we took to get there. It was blazing hot yesterday. I was soaked with sweat upon returning home two hours after we left, but I was so happy. Meredith had been perfectly content the whole time. I cooked up my fresh fish and asparagus last night for dinner and it was amazing. Seriously the freshest fish I've ever had.

Daddy time

I am thankful for my husband. He is an incredibly hard worker. He is very talented. He is the best daddy. Meredith lights up like fireworks on the Fourth of July when she sees him. 


I am thankful for our baby pool. After returning home from our walk yesterday, sitting in front of a fan just wasn't cutting it. Filling up the pool did the trick.

I am thankful for modern medicine. I just got off the phone with the pediatrician who confirmed that Meredith does have an egg allergy. I'm not at all surprised, though a little disappointed. Thanks to doctors we will have benedryl and an epipen should an accidental encounter with egg occur.

I am thankful for past year. I can't even begin to put into words how much life has changed and been bettered over the past 11 and half months because of my sweet pea. I still stop sometimes, often upon opening the fridge to see baby yogurt or while folding tiny onsies, and think I am a mom.


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

What a lovely, honest, heartfelt post. Sounds like you have a very happy life. :)

colleen said...

this is such a good post. i love her little foot in the flip flop and i'm sorry to hear about her allergy, but glad there's something to help it. love your curly hair in the last pic too!

Adrienne said...

...and she is the sweetest of peas!

Adrienne said...

p.s. that first picture of her (that accentuates the eyelashes!) is one of my all time favorites.

David McAnulty said...

... and I'm so grateful for you, my first monkey... and your little sweet pea! love, dad

grace said...

so sweet. i'm so thankful as well to stay at home and relish in small moments with my boy. so precious.

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