Tuesday, June 28, 2011

happy 1st birthday, sweet girl.

Dear Meredith,
Today you are one year old. I cannot wrap my mind around this fact. In a way, it feels like only yesterday. But then, when I really think about it, already in twelve months, we've been through quite a lot and everyday has held something new.


I used to wonder when you were a newborn if I wound recognize you out of a line-up of babies. I don't wonder that anymore because I have memorized everything about you. Your short second toe with the third one a tiny but longer. Your perfectly shaped blue eyes with flecks of green and brown. Your thin hair that is light brown some days and, I swear, blonde on others. Your sweet, round button nose and your perfectly plump little lips. Your long, lean body with the only chub on your thighs and knee caps. The one lone freckle on your inner left leg. Your lower back with smooth skin accented by scratch marks because you can't control the urge to itch. Your cheeks which call out to be pinched and kissed and pinched and kissed. Little baby, I knew you when were inside me but I know you even more now.


I know that blowing raspberries is one of your favorite things. I know that you would eat anything and everything until your insides burst. I know that you have serious moments of taking it all in and you have excited, incredibly social moments. You brighten people's day with your smiles and waving hello. You love to dig through kitchen cabinets and use things like magazine baskets and toy buckets to help you walk. You love being in the water- splashing it, kicking in it and drinking it, suds and all. You love to read and do so happily on your own throughout the day. Your laugh is my favorite sound in the world. You have a fake laugh for when you hear me and daddy laughing and you have a really belly laugh that is mostly used on daddy's silliness.

You are smart. You are an avid observer of the world around you. You love to talk whether it be babble or words. So far you say mama, dada, open, up, all done and bye bye. You know how to sign more, all done and milk. You aren't walking yet, but you are certainly trying to figure it out. Standing on your own still makes you nervous and you really only do it when you don't realize you are. You still just have two bottom teeth which is so cute. People call them your rabbit teeth, which is very accurate.


Meredith, you are the most amazing little person. There has not yet been a day that I haven't thanked God for blessing my life with you. You have made every day, even the hard, sleepless ones, so special. You have given my life greater meaning. You have opened my heart to bigger love. You have made me a mommy, the role I was meant to be in. You have made your daddy and me more complete.


Happy, happy, happy birthday my sweet one.


Anna B. said...

I have tears! This is so special, Claire. I hope to be a mommy someday too and this makes me so excited about it.

Have a great day with your little 1 year old. :)

Kate (This Place is Now a Home) said...

So special. You are so right... time has flown in the last 12 months, but SO much has happened. It is amazing what you've learned about her already, and fascinating to think there is a lifetime more to learn together.

I'm in awe of her words and signs! What a smart, funny, adorable girl. Hope to see you both again soon!

Adrienne said...

She sure has brightened a lot of my days! She is all that you say, and you are a radiant mommy!

Angie All The Way said...

Motherhood is hands down THE most amazing honour there is in this world, I am convinced of it! She truly is such a perfect little girl and you are such a wonderful Mom :-)

Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

Beautiful post, Claire. Happy birthday, M!

House of Milk said...

So beautiful! Happy birthday, little poppet!

basebell6 said...

awh i loved this little letter! *tear* happy birthday!

MN @ Serenity and Style said...

that was so wonderful! happy birthday to sweet baby meredith!! :)

Samantha said...

Simply beautiful.

Valerie said...

Oh, goodness. My allergies are acting up! So sweet. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!

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