Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nothing But Love... (VIII)

Please tell me you, secretly, would love to spend a weekend watching a Felicity marathon. Goodness knows I would. Gosh, I was just so obsessed with her hair and the idea of moving to New York City. I've seen these pictures of Keri Russell on Pinterest several times and just had to share them, in case you haven't. I think she is beautiful with the crazy curls or these casual waves. Hers appears to be an effortless beauty.

And because what's a post about Keri Russell without her signature 'do (and tv role!):

ps. i love the name Felicity. what do you think?
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Alexandria said...

Gaah that was one of my FAVORITE InStyle spreads ever! I kept that magazine for months trying to emulate the styles and to drum up the courage to cut my hair short. She's so pretty.

Anna B. said...

She is one of my favorites! For always!!!!!!!

I feel like we have so much in common, Claire! I read back to some of your old blog posts and we like so many of the same things (same music, teaching, among other things!)

Glad to have found you in this blogging world and hope to meet up with you again this summer! :)

colleen said...

i alllllllways wanted her hair. my hair is naturally curly and even when it's short it can never look as good as hers. maybe i should try again now that i live in nyc :)

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Oh my gosh, we used to have Felicity parties in college, where we'd watch a whole DVD for hours! LOVE that show (and name!)

House of Milk said...

I adore her. She has the best smile and of course, killer curls.

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