Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Chris was going through my iphone, looking at pictures of Meredith, when he came across this one of himself on our date night. He said something like, "Ugh. That's a weird picture of me," to which I replied, "Really? I love it. I set it as my phone background." He then smiled and said, "I like that you like me."  A statement as simple as that perfectly sums up so much of marriage and making it work.

I like hearing about his day at work, even though what he does, in itself, isn't one of my passions. I like going on walks with him and discovering the things that catch his eye. I like when we're having a conversation and I can tell he's not fully paying attention, but then he comes to and shares what's on his mind. I like watching him get excited about new gadgets or hobbies. I like watching him learn new things. I like him.

I like that he lets me be myself. I like that he listens to the rambles of my mostly uneventful day as if it were terribly interesting. I like that he tries new things I cook, even when I try to sneak in a vegetarian meal here and there. I like that he holds my hand and that he's still taller than me when I wear heels. I like that he tells me I look pretty when I've just woken up with smeared makeup from the day before and rats nest hair on the top of my head. I like that he hurries to do the dishes on evenings when I'm stressed. He likes me.

I like that I like him. He likes that I like him. I like that he likes me. He likes that he likes me. I think if we can keep that up, we'll be golden.


basebell6 said...

i super like this post!

Mary Nevin said...

what a great post!! it definitely made me grateful that i like that my love likes me as well. perfect :)

Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

So, so sweet :)

colleen said...

this is such a nice post :) one of my mom's friends said when they had kids they always made time for one another and their marriage because putting that first sometimes, as opposed to the children, is incredibly important so that the kids grow up in a stable and loving home. sounds like meredith will have some great role models. ya'll are so cute!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

What a sweet post, glad you two have each other. :)

accidentally, kle said...

perfect :) x

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