Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Months

My darling, little Meredith,

You are 10 months old today and once again, I'd have to say this was the most fun month yet. You are transforming in front of my eyes. This month you started crawling so fast. You zoom from room to room with a mission in mind. Your favorite destinations include the kitchen cabinets, daddy's office, the laundry room, bathroom and daddy's sock drawer. You also like to crawl to the front door and bang on it. I take it as a sign of your adventurous spirit.

You spent lots of time at the park this month. We took you every time it was even close to warm enough. You absolutely love the swing. You also like crawling in the sand and climbing the stairs on the play structures. Like your mommy, you are also a fan of people watching, particularly those of the under 3 variety.

Speaking of people watching, you have become much more interested and interactive with babies around you, especially your friend Y.  You two love to grab each other and take each others toys. Just yesterday, on an outing to IKEA, you two babbled back in forth in the car. I hope you two become the best of friends like your mommies.

You made huge strides in self-feeding this month. I have watched with great joy as you've figured out how to pick up little pieces of food with your pointer & thumb and chew them up. Sharing meals together just the two of us or as a family of three has become the highlight of my day. You only gained a few ounces between your 6 month and 9 month appointments, so I'm hoping have three full meals of food in addition to lots of nursing will help you chunk up a bit.

One of my favorite developments this month was your laugh. You've laughed for a while now, but this month you started laughing almost non stop. You sit in your car seat and giggle to yourself and laugh freely as your silly parents try to entertain you. You have an all out laugh and you have a little chuckle and a few in between.

Meredith, there are moments when I cannot even comprehend how I am a mommy and you are my baby. You make each day exciting and happy and new. At night when I rock you to bed and during the day when I pause and truly gaze into your eyes, it feels like my heart could literally burst with the love I feel for you. It truly is unlike any other love I've felt. I hope that you always know how precious you are to me and your daddy.

 With all my love,

ps. not sure there will be a 10 month video. my phone has been have a hard month so transferring from phone to computer is proving difficult.


jordy liz said...

her expressions just do me in. she is so dang precious!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

awww that was priceless. your mummy's heart spoke to mine! she is an utter darling, keep enjoying her x

basebell6 said...

awwhh, happy 10 months!!! :)

Jess Craig said...

sucha lady!

al said...

She is seriously the cutest thing!

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