Sunday, April 10, 2011

Steppin' Out: 4/9

Last night was date night. We are trying to be a bit more adventurous on our dates so we tried a new place last night. We love Mexican and randomly drove by this brightly painted restaurant that looks to be housed in an old Victorian home. While I was glad to try a new place, we most likely won't go back. The food was just ok, the prices were a bit too high and there were screaming babies. And obviously? Who are we to judge? But on date night, deal breaker.


IMG_5529  IMG_5531

After dinner we went to this tiny little joint for live music. It was perfect. We were cozied in a corner,  slowly sipping beer, enjoying music and each others company.

Once we arrived back at the grandparents' house to pick up Meredith, they showed us photos and a video of their outing to the park. She was happy as a little clam. I loved seeing that, knowing she was in good hands and enjoying herself. All in all, a perfect night.

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basebell6 said...

i love mexican! that is cute they took pics and videos so you could see them when you got back. i think i voted b/c i clicked where they told me to but never got confirmation that the vote went through.

Samantha said...

We were adventurous on a date once and went to a place called, "Soccer Taco." It ended up being a success. If you ever go to Knoxville, TN, you must eat there. :)

Claire said...

basebell, it's kind of confusing but i'm sure it worked. thanks :)

samantha, thanks for the rec!

Kirsty said...

lucky duck! Date nights are THE best!!!

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