Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Women

One of my very favorite movies is Little Women. I honestly have no idea how many times I've seen it, just that it's been a lot. I love the characters, their relationships and watching them change and mature as they grow up. I always have internal conflict about who the girls will end up with. It's such an interesting time period and I love the politics in the predominately female March family.

i love this scene. i love the song the sing during it, "for the beauty of the earth."
oh, this scene! kills me.
oh, how i love the ending of this movie
One my favorite parts of the movie is the soundtrack. I love listening to it on a quiet morning as I eat breakfast with Meredith or in the evening as I take a bath or read. It's perfectly soothing.And if you are in need of a good cry, this music just might push you over the edge of that choked up precipice.

How about you? What is your movie you can't get enough of? Do you like Little Women?

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Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

You know I love it. Have you ever read March by Geraldine Brooks? It tells the story from the father's point of good, but I'm a sucker for those kind of books. I was all over Rhett Butler's People when it came out.

accidentally, kle said...

I had studied the book at school so knew it and the movie inside out back then but it's been years and I've forgotten a lot of it. I think you've just fixed that - will get my hands on the DVD and refresh my memory! x

Kate (This Place is Now a Home) said...

Oh, LOVE. Haven't seen it in years, though.

You look like you could be one of those March girls :)

Adrienne said...

A "me and melissa" favorite! Now I want a movie date with my daughter, and the sound track for my car!

Punky said...

Hey lady,
I would love to see you at the Blogger Mixer and Fashion Exchange, If you're around next week.


{lovely little things} said...

I LOVE little women, I used to watch this movie over and over when I was little! Loved the book too!

colleen said...

i haven't seen it in so long, although i think i would love it all over again. my BIG watch over and over again movie, that no one knows about, is "the painted veil" with naomi watts and edward norton. oh gosh, it is such a sweeping love story, and before you know it you get caught up in it, and it's such a heart breaking ending. definitely watch it!!! it's so under the radar and so worth it. plus the scenery is beautiful.

(i actually watched it so much i broke the dvd. sad, but true.)

Anna B. said...

This is one of my favorites!!! Makes me cry and touches my heart!

Jessica said...

I love Little Women. I can't stop watching Sleepless in Seattle...every time we have a teacher work day I watch it nonstop ALL day. Helps me get through those report cards :)

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