Sunday, April 17, 2011

Steppin' Out: 4/16

Yesterday we spent a good part of the day out and about shopping. We hit up Old Navy's swimsuit sale and all three of us came home with new suits- two each for Chris and Meredith. We also roamed around Target and managed to spend a pretty penny on goodness knows what, as is always the way with Target. We also stopped off at TJMaxx where I got Meredith a baby inflatable pool for 5 bucks. I'm so excited for summer days in the backyard :)

Last night I stepped out on my own. One of my dear friend's was having a birthday party so Chris held down the fort while I headed out to celebrate.


4.16 Mere  4.16 Me
ps. my dress was a bridesmaids dress! one that can actually be worn again :) yay!



All in all, a good Saturday. How was your Saturday?


colleen said...

you look so pretty in your outfit!! and my saturday was great, even if it did rain :)

kristance ann said...

YAY for bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again! super cute! i had a laundry filled saturday, but at least i'm caught up now!

Alicia said...

Claire - this is too cute for words! I am so glad it was a great Saturday! We enjoyed our Saturday cycling 20 miles and then getting our intake of fried food and triglycerides at the Piedmont Park's Annual Dogwood Festival! Can't pass up those funnel cakes no matter what.

mandy@harper's happenings said...

you guys are adorable! i love that dress. heck yeah re-wearable bridesmaid dresses - best ever!

Kristin W said...

Adorable dress and adorable Meredith here! Love that it was a b-maid dress :)

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