Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a follow-up


So my post on Friday, about enjoying life and sucking the sweet marrow of each moment? It's easier when things are good. It's easier when you are rested and your baby is being practically perfect in every way. But I suppose it's even more important when you are tired, when your baby has been screaming for an hour before falling asleep & pushing away from you as you try comfort her and when you aren't getting to go do the things you had hoped. Because even though these moments are more trying, they still indicate a great deal of blessing. I'm tired because we were out late with friends. I have a beautiful daughter who's screaming, which beats the alternative of not having one. My baby is pushing away from me and fighting me. While this isn't something I would encourage, I can see her strength and zeal as a a good thing.


My temptation today is to be in a bad mood. To be annoyed. To be impatient. But I'm writing this as a reminder to myself that I am just as blessed today as I was on Friday. Today doesn't feel as easy, but life is still very, very good. I'm signing off now to go find joy in the quiet little moments of being a stay-at-home mom.



basebell6 said...

timely post for me to read because i just listened to 45 minutes of hysterical crying in the car and am totally spent and about to cry myself. this is pretty much a daily occurance for us (or whenver we get in the car LOL). rather than put myself on house arrest i will remember to cherish this time with baby!!! :)

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

good reminder! we are sooo blessed to be able to care for our children. i always try to remember that!

Maggy said...

what a sweetheart! I love the top of the head shot :)

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