Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a bedtime story

tonight, after lathering Meredith up in her eczema cream and putting on her footie pajamas, i picked her up off her changing table and squeezed her tight. her little head fit perfectly in the crook of my neck. i sat on the couch in her nursery and just held her, her little squishy body flat against my own. i didn't want to let go as she rested and cuddled on me and i thought about how this little miracle was once inside of me.

i eventually moved her so she could nurse before bed. as i nursed her, her daddy came in and gave her kisses while he whispered sweet daddy things in her ear. and as he kissed her cheeks, i rested my head on his head after kissing his cheek. and for some reason, these few moments made me stop and catch my breath and think about how i am living my dream come true.


Kate (This Place is Now a Home) said...

Mmmmm, totally. I know that feeling and I LOVE IT.

Angie All The Way said...

Such an incredibly beautiful moment :-)

There are nights where I just want to hold Cameron in my arms forever as he falls asleep. We stopped nursing about 2 weeks ago and now when he finishes his bottle, he turns into me and just snuggles so cozy and tight into my chest and starts to drift to sleep, like he still knows his place in there and feels so secure and content in my arms. Part of me wants to freeze time and just hold him and kiss his cheek forever because I just know that these days are priceless and pass us oh so fast *sigh*

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