Sunday, April 19, 2009

The furniture is here!!

Chris and I are beyond thrilled with our new furniture and new living room set-up. It feels like our own and feels very cozy. There are more updates and additions to come, but we are really happy with how it is right now.

Our couch, truck and rug. We're adding some pictures above the couch so the mirror isn't so off-centered.

This wall is a bit bare. We have a few ideas for sprucing it up. We'll see!!We moved our bookcases over against the walls to have more of an office/study feel. We really like how it turned out.

More pictures to come. I'm hoping to get a few new pillows and a few cute decorating things to tie all the colors in this week.


Anonymous said...

你的家好漂亮啊!your home is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

我来自中国,I am from China! Nice to meet you.

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