Monday, April 6, 2009

Kindergarten love update

So you might remember I wrote about a love triangle going on in my class a little while ago. Well, today I got material worthy of an update. The love triangle has shifted a bit. Shy guy (the boy) and little bit (the girl) still have a thing. But, now instead of lit bit's best friend being the other corner of the triangle, it's shy guy's best friend.

And you'll never guess, but today during rest time, shy guy's best friend (we'll call him mickey green eyes), made two rings. The children get to do crafts during rest time so I didn't think too much of it until he returned with his finished ring in what were clearly "girl" colors. I immediately was suspicious. He then asked to make another ring and this one ended up in distinctly "boy" colors. I tied off both rings and Mickey Green Eyes returned once again with a question.

"Which one is the marrying finger?"

Can you even believe it!? He was asking about ring fingers!!! So, for the entirety of the afternoon little bit and mickey green eyes wore their engagement rings (yes! they called them engagement rings!!!!!!) proudly.

Soak that up, ladies and gents. Did you wear engagement rings in Kindergarten? I think not.

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Elizabeth said...

oh, yes, the rings. in my preschool class i had a little girl pull a boy aside, saying she needed to tell him something. she pulled him in the corner and asked him if he had gotten her ring yet. he hit his forhead, and said sorry he forgot. she lectured him, saying "if we're going to be married, you have to give me a ring!"

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