Thursday, April 23, 2009

Furniture Update: Brief

Have one picture to add of our new living room set-up. My mom and I had an excellent adventure to IKEA. I found loads of stuff and didn't spend much at all. I was so excited. I got four flower pots, for the plants my parents generously gave us. I also got two table lampstands, two lampshades, one colorfully striped throw blanket and three pillows. I was pumped. AND, let me no forget to mention the-most-delicious-cinnamon-roll-ever at the end of the shopping spree. IKEA, i love you. 

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kle said...

completely irrelevant comment: when i open your blog, that ostrich always puts a smile on my face! it's so great! :)

relevant comment: LOVE IKEA!!! :) I could spend hours in there just milling around and admiring the displays!

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