Friday, April 10, 2009

Unexpected lovely night.

I used to love Friday nights, long for Friday nights, relish in Friday nights. Until Chris started taking a Saturday class. Fridays now = LAME. So, after picking him up from work this evening (i'm superwife) we headed home for a night of homework (him) and television (me). When we were almost home Chris remembered that he has neither homework or an exam in class tomorrow. HALLELUJAH!
So, we went home, got into our "party" shirts and headed out for dinner. We had a lovely dinner (steak tips and crabmeat pie). I was feeling a little down in the dumps about something and Chris knows that one thing that NEVER fails to cheer me up is Cold Stone Creamery, the most heavenly place on earth. So, after dinner we made over trek there.

The wonderful part about this date night, aside from it being wonderfully unexpected, was that in total it cost us 12 dollars!! We had a gift certificate for dinner and a coupon for Cold Stone. Coupons make everything more fun.

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