Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Furniture!!!

I hinted in yesterday's blog about the possibility of us getting new furniture and we did!! I'm so excited. We were generously given furniture by my parents when we got married. We were very grateful and the pieces were extremely comfortable. However, its old furniture and was loosing its bottom supports and the back cushions were coming apart from the back supports. It is also very large leather furniture for a relatively small apartment. We also think we might have a bit of a bug problem, but we're not going to talk about that. Ew.

So Chris and I shopped around a bit this week and I also went out with my mom. With my mom I found the furniture that I thought was "it" so I took Chris to look at it. We were sold! The couch and one chair arrive on Saturday!! The other chair won't come for about two months because we special ordered the fabric.

This is like a dream come true because I finally feel like I get to decorate my house. I am grateful for the furniture we've had thus far, but it wasn't "mine" and I didn't get to choose it. Now, I feel more free to decorate and experiment with ideas I've had bobbing around in my mind for a long time. My Country Living magazine subsription might come into some practical use.

I will post actual pictures of our very own furniture once it arrives, but for now here are some stock photos of it!!

Here's the couch:

Here's the leather chair (in real life the browns match, they look different here):Here's the style of the upholstered chair (its a swivel rocking chair!):
We got it in this fabric, but yellow instead of red:


Anonymous said...

it all looks SO comfy. good choices.

Anonymous said...

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