Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

I've been on spring cleaning overload the past few weeks. It was mostly in preparation for the arrival of our new furniture, but also because the change of the seasons is good inspiration for getting my butt of the couch and getting our apartment in order. 

Today my goal was taking down winter clothes and bringing up spring clothes. It's such a hassle, but also so exciting. With the forecast predicting Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the 70s and 80s (!!!!), I decided it was time. Bringing out spring clothes is like reconnecting with old friends. Summer dresses, beachy tops and fun sandals bring a flood of memories and also a promise of warmer days and happy nights of summer. 

So I'm not quite done. I still need to go through Chris's stuff, but I need his help to do that. But, I thought I'd leave you with a photographic journey of my day.

Drawers started off cah-raaaazy.

 Sweaters ended up in nice neat piles. Wanted to highlight the Teacher-Christmas sweaters :)

Now, my drawers are full of colorful patterned shorts, skirts, tshirts and tank tops!

Happy Spring!!!!

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