Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sad day.

I have sad days. I think most people do. Chris says I get sad eyes which is how he knows I'm sad. Today is one of those days. No reason in particular, it just happens sometimes. I get overwhelmed by the sadness that is in the world. So much sadness- sickness, death, loneliness. I know that God is bigger than it all and that God works for the good in everything. I know that nothing can separate us from His love and life on earth is temporary. But, life on earth is just so hard for some people. Its for this reason that I have sad days. I know tomorrow will be better and happier.

I know praying is the best thing so, if you pray, pray for these things tonight:
-a man fighting brain cancer
-two families that suddenly lost their babies (don't know them, but read their blogs)
-families moving away


Adrienne said...

I have sad days too...sometimes I feel like I'm having sad weeks...and you're right, the sadness does get lifted, wish there was a formula! Today I went to the children's room - I'm gonna start to volunteer there. They do amazing work and I really want to be a part of it! ... I'm praying over you!

kle said...

Everyone has sad days. I guess they're what make us know what the good days are like :) I will pray for the things you listed, thank you.

Ironically, I've tagged you in a post about happy things. Hope you don't mind! It might help cheer you up tho :) xx

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