Thursday, April 30, 2009

(Un)important Things

I was tagged and am going to pass it on ;)

3 rules:

A. Mention the person who tagged you.
thanks! you did help to cheer me up :)

B. List six unimportant things that make you happy.
1. Listening to the quiet, happy chatter of children
2. Eating dinner at a pizza restaurant like Bertucci's or Stonehearth and having leftovers for the lunch the next day.
3. Laying in bed, surrounded with cozy blankets and pillows, while reading a really good book. Falling asleep while doing this makes me extra happy.
4. Running into a friend unexpectedly

5. Hearing the exact song you wanted to hear on the radio (only to go onto turn up the volume and belt it out)
6. Trying a new recipe and having it work out deliciously. Example below :)
C. Tag six blogs, state the rules and notify them with a comment on their blog. Check each of these out. Each wonderful in their own way.

1. Elbows, Knees, Dreams
2. Shannon Holden Photography
3. Kindergarten's 3 R's (cutest url EVER)
4. A Patchwork Piece
5. Life in a Whitty World!
6. This is all I've got...

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