Friday, July 22, 2011

for your weekend.

no links today, but some cute pictures and video of the babe. it seems like she's been missing on this here blog lately, so i wanted to be sure you got your fix before the weekend :)

having a one year old is one of the most fun things in the world. she is nonstop entertainment. each day i can see her figuring out new things. it's amazing.

playing peek a boo with the computer

Starring: Meredith from Claire Traganos on Vimeo.

what are your weekend plans? meredith and i will mostly be on our own while chris helps run a conference. we will be busy cleaning and packing for our vacation next week!


Kate (This Place is Now a Home) said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

That is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Never thought to let Owen play in front of the computer -- LOVE LOVE LOVE this new idea for entertainment :)

Alexandria said...

Oh my gosh, that video is too cute for words! She's so beautiful!

Anna {dear friend} said...

Soooooo a.dorable!!! I was smiling a big one the whole time I was watching that!! Too cute! Have a great weekend! Let's get together again soon! :)

colleen said...

haha i love her little faces in your collage. and look at those teeth! she's becoming quite the little person :)

Bridget said...

oh my gosh, the noises. she is so cute.

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