Thursday, July 21, 2011

missing family, on their way.

My parents arrive on Tuesday and I couldn't be more excited. We get to go on vacation with them and also spend time here at home together. I am counting down the hours, it seems, and yet, my heart is aching for them.

This seems to always happen. Right before they arrive, I miss them the most intensely and feel the saddest. I suppose it is because it is one of the only times I truly let myself think about how far they moved and how infrequent our visits feel. I really hate how far away Texas is.

It dawned on my yesterday that I haven't been with my whole family- parents, siblings, Chris and Meredith since Thanksgiving and it will be until Christmas that we are all together again. While there many, many perks of being an adult, the distance that jobs, college and life create is one big downside.

Fortunately there is a brief respite in sight and I know I will cherish every moment. 

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Michelle {lovely little things} said...

That's exciting, hope you have a great time together, it's always nice when the whole fam is all together!

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