Friday, July 15, 2011

for the weekend (2).

Ok, now I want to make a music video, too. Mad props, Amelia of Bon Appetempts.

And then, after watching her awesome music video, I perused her recipes, and crack pie? Sounds like the perfect recipe for me since I am literally addicted to sugar. I don't do drugs. I do dessert.

I love Design Mom's list of 50 Children's Books. Good night, Gorilla, The Napping House and The Little House stand out as my favorites. What are your favorite children's books?

Oh, if I could stumble across this in my town. I would die a happy girl.

Please tell me this blows your mind as much as it blew mine. Rose=Cassie. Cassie=Rose. And also? How badly do you want to do this tour?

Remember my yarn wreath? I love this one for the spring or summer.

I love this sweet post from Bridget.  I can't even imagine adding a fifth at this point, but I'm oh, so excited for her!

Are you seeing the final installment of the Harry Potter movies this weekend?? I'm hoping I can convince Chris to go tonight on our date night, but it won't be the same as seeing it with a fellow die-hard fan.

And speaking of Harry Potter, how amazing (!!) are these Potter-inspired treats? I wish I were throwing a party to make all of it. More treats here and here.

Any looky there, people. My second ever links post. I didn't think it would happen.



Adrienne said...

oh, can't wait to look through all this with my coffee on my lazy saturday morning!

basebell6 said...

omg i'm so excited about harry potter. probably will wait until next week to see it. my first date with my husband was in november 2001 and we went to see the first harry potter movie. so the ending is that much more traumatic for me. :(

Melissa Scanlon said...

Love every little bit of it!!! The You've got mail tour has to be my favorite! Well, no, I love it all.

Bridget said...

oh gah, aren't you kind? thanks for the link and for being excited for me :) maybe there'll be a boston play date in our future?!?!

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