Monday, July 11, 2011


for lazy evenings reading on the couch

for strenuous hikes, pushing your muscles and mind harder than you thought

for playing in the grass with babies

for going to an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast

for guiltless naps

for a bottle of blueberry ale with dinner

for listening to neil young's greatest hits

for almost getting pulled over but beating the cop into the driveway

for taking in the sunset

for dipping your toes in icy cold waters

for eating fried seafood

for long drives talking about the future

for eating whoopie pies, ice cream and blueberry pie

for browsing trashy souvenir shops

for getting tan

for not using a hair dryer once

for taking lots of pictures

for renewal

for making new friends

for falling more in love with your baby and your husband

we're back. we're happy. we're rested/tired.

pictures to come.

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colleen said...

this sounds perfect. i, too, refuse to use a blowdryer on vacation. jealous of the whoopie pies!

David McAnulty said...

i like #7

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