Monday, July 25, 2011

snapshots of our weekend!

this weekend was mostly good. i had fun spending extra just me and mere time. there were moments though that all i could think was, Lord, Don't ever make me a single mother. even though i am with meredith on my own the vast majority of the time, it's different on the weekend when i'm mentally prepared for help. all that really matters now, though, is that as you read this we are vacation bound. please don't burglarize my house.

here are a few shots of our weekend:




IMG_7542 IMG_7544 IMG_7543



IMG_7580 IMG_7578

happy monday!


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE pictures!! Have an awesome trip! And, btw, your no-heat-curls turned out amazing!

colleen said...

love those little legs. have a wonderful vacation!

basebell6 said...

yay for surviving the weekend! i agree weekends without hubby are sooooo much tougher than weekdays! when mine has to go to CA for 2 weeks i BEG HIM to fly home over the weekend [since it costs pretty much the same ammount in airfare as an extra 3 days of hotels and food would, his company doesnt mind]. sometimes i get my way and sometimes i dont. have fun on vacation! i had to laugh about "dont burglarize my home". my mom wont let me even put on FB when nick is out of town let alone when we are both out of town since she says "crazies are out there". but i'll tell you what. my home did get burglarized once. and i was in town, just at work. so if it is going to happen it's going to happen unfortunately. :(

Anonymous said...

She is so cute, love her pink zebra print top!

I count on the hubs on weekends so much, when he is on business travel I am always reminded how blessed I am and so thankful to have such an active hands-on hubs who loves being Daddy.

Glad you enjoyed your time with Baby M.

accidentally, kle said...

goodness, she's becoming a proper little girl now isn't she?! no more baby!

i'm also starting to see a lot of her daddy in her face! so adorable x

Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

I love your freckles.

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