Thursday, July 28, 2011


yesterday, i mentioned NPR.

raise your hand if you listen to NPR. now, keep your hand raised it that makes to feel pretty darn good about yourself.

i'll bet some of you dropped your hands at first. but if you kept them raised after the first prompt, i bet you definitely kept it raised after the second one.

it seems like listening to NPR and admitting boasting it has this way of establishing you as an intelligent, forward thinking individual. 

i vacillate between finding NPR mind-numbingly boring and highly fascinating. sometimes i love it. sometimes i hate it and just want to belt my lungs out to my favorite tunes. but you can bet if i've listened to it lately, i will drop into conversation.

what do you think about NPR? love it? hate it? does it make you feel somewhat better than? it's ok. be honest. honesty is the best policy.

this is awesome. and this is hysterical.


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Perrin said...

I think that people sound really ignorant when they say they dislike NPR. Why can I say this? Because I talk with my husband about my dislike of NPR on a daily basis. I hate that about myself but I just find it insufferable. However, my husband is a total NPR junkie and we have great conversations about what he listens to -- I just don't like to do it myself!

Alexandria said...

I'm in the same boat as you. There are definitely some days when I listen to it and I find myself slapping myself to stay awake. Other times though, I get so wrapped up into the topic and story that my long drive just whips by. Most of the time, I'm fascinated.

Joy said...

Nick loves it (except You Bet your Garden which is universally hated I think). I like "Wait Wait Don't tell me". I tolerate "Car Talk" and the news. I hate it the rest of the time. Give me some good Air1 and I'm happy.

Kaysie said...

I am right there with you - sometimes it's love, sometimes it's background noise to an almost sleeping while driving nap
but i do feel smarter!

Samantha said...

I find NPR fascinating, but I do find their news to be a little left sided. However, what media isn't liberal now? It's hard to know who to believe...

Kristin W said...

Ah...I have to love NPR. Since we cancelled cable, I don't have CNN to watch anymore. I listen to NPR on my commute to work every morning. Sadly, it's practically the only news source I get anymore. I love almost all the programs (ugh, Prairie Home Companion?!). I'm not sure if it makes me feel smarter, but definitely more educated and knowledgeable. I have been known to cry at some of the stories on there!

House of Milk said...

*raises hand* I actually used to work for NPR and still listen daily. Yes, sometimes it can be nap-inducing but I love it for a source of information about things I normally wouldn't get to learn about.

Claire said...

i'm glad to see i'm not alone. it seems like most everyone lands somewhere in the both love it and hate it depending on the show/time/mood :)

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