Wednesday, July 27, 2011

space exploration.

Last week I was listening to NPR and they were talking about the end of the space program at NASA. They said it's not the end of space visitation, however, as space exploration will simply become privatized. 7 passenger space taxis, they called it.

My first thought was, "Wow! I should add that to my life bucket list. I'd never be rich enough for that, but how amazing it would be!"

After a few minutes, though, I thought, "Maybe we should just leave space well enough alone."

It seems like we, as humans, ruin so much of what we touch with trash, smog, our heavy footed steps. I couldn't help but think of it in Maine as we'd come across trash or broken trees. Space seems so untouched now, but after years of it being a tourist destination I'm sure that would change (ie. Wall-E).

What do you think? Should space become a touristy destination? Do you even think it could? Would you want to go?


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Samantha said...

I definitely agree with you. Some things we should leave well enough alone. I definitely wouldn't want to go, because I don't know that it would actually be safe, and I like my feet planted firmly on the ground thank you very much. :P

colleen said...

yes i would want to go but no, it should not be tourism. so much amazing, amazing research has come from NASA that has been used in other sectors to find cures, solutions, etc. for problems that i wish those rich people would use their money to fund NASA, rather than a vacation. perhaps when we're those rich people we'll do that ;)

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