Friday, January 21, 2011

the best day

a blogger friend of mine is in the early stages of labor, it seems. i am so excited for her and it sends me back to my own day of labor. it was such an incredible day. the labor itself- i have never felt so strong, so powerful and so proud of myself as i did pushing out that little, squishy baby. the birth- holding my baby on my belly, beyond thrilled and in awe that this little life was finally in my arms. no longer a family of two, but three. that was an amazing day.

but then, so was my wedding day. i was so full of joy and anticipation. i was so at peace and enjoyed every moment. life with my love was about to begin. that was an amazing day.

but then, there have been some pretty amazing less life-changing days. Like the day we drove to Amherst and explored Northhampton.We were waiting to find out if I was pregnant. It was a simple day of shopping, driving and eating, but it was perfect.

Like the day we drove out to the Berkshires, freshly engaged. We wandered the Norman Rockwell museum and dined over Thai food in Great Barrington. The excitement I felt about being engaged to the man of dreams can't possibly be captured with words.

A day on Martha's Vineyard during our favorite vacation ever. We got fried seafood and drank wine from Dunkin Donuts plastic cups while watching the sunset. That is a day I will never forget.

And goodness knows that only scratches the surface. So many good days. It makes me happy to think about these, to know that there's no way I can pick my favorite day because there have simply been too many.


Kristin W said...

This post makes me smile. You're right that there is never just one best day :)

Mary Nevin said...

how beautiful!! it definitely gives me a lot of hope and even more to look forward to!! happy weekend

accidentally, kle said...

:) :) Can't wait to add Emily's birthday to my little list of perfect days. Still not *quite* there yet it seems...!

Karen said...

Most definitely a smile worthy post! :> Having too many great days to choose from is a most wonderful thing! Here's to many more! :>

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