Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Letters

Dear Weekend,
Even though I don't have a job that gets me up & out of the house each morning, I still love you.

Dear Blueberry Pie,
You might be considered a summer thing, but I love you year-round.

Dear husband,
You let me sleep in twice and did the dishes. Clearly, you win in the best husband in the world category.

Dear Mumford & Sons,
Thank you for the music that provided us with a quick family dance party and tunes to clean to.

Dear Airport Express,
Thank you for bringing music back into my daily life. You make things so much easier.

Dear ladies at Stop & Shop,
It was not nice of you to park in the infant parking spot, when you do not have an infant. You were the only bad part of my weekend. Which, really, isn't so bad. But next time, just park in a regular spot.

Dear Cinnamon Crunch bagel,
You were the yummiest breakfast. I could eat you everyday, but then I would be fat. Or at least diabetic.

Dear running shoes,
It's been nice to make your acquaintance again. Thanks for keeping me stable during our snowy jog on Saturday. How about we become bffs this year?

Dear new vacuum,
You make my house so much cleaner than the vacuum that came before you. Good job. And good job on being such a good deal. Two thumbs up for you!

Dear readers (yes, you),
You bring a lot of joy to my little life. Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. Happy Monday!

This idea thanks to Naomi.


Elizabeth said...

Umm, Mumford & Sons, yes please!

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

what a cute post, i might have to steal your idea!!!

al said...

My running shoes have been so neglected. They will probably go on strike any day now...

Random, I just saw that you commented on one of my posts in November and asked if I go to Harding. I do! Very small world!

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