Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Last night I think I got another badge on my mommy vest. Meredith woke up crying around 10pm, which almost never happens. I went into her dark room and felt that she had spit up, so I wiped it up and rubbed her back until she fell back asleep. A few minutes later she was crying again, and this time I thought I heard her choking. I ran to her room, but Chris beat me there. He picked her up as she threw up over and over. We turned on the light and her crib was covered. Apparently the avocado she had for dinner didn't sit well in her little tummy.

We changed her sheets, hugged her tight and then I nursed her for some hydration. I took her a long time to fall back asleep, but she did and seems to be feeling just fine this morning. I'm so thankful this bout was brief because seeing your baby sick is sad. Knowing how miserable throwing up can be, it broke my heart to think she was experiencing that feeling.  Seeing her sick, for just that little bit, also helped remind me how incredibly blessed we are with this healthy baby.


basebell6 said...

awwhh i hope it was just the food and not the 24 hour stomach bug that is going around like wildfire. poor thing :(

accidentally, kle said...

Poor little thing :( So glad she's much better already though! x

Kristin W said...

Claire! Poor thing! I don't even know how you handle that situation. Definitely glad she's feeling better :)

Em {orange + barrel} said...

Poor Meredith! I am glad she is feeling better!

Elizabeth said...

How horrifying! You have the mother's touch though, I can tell.

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