Saturday, March 19, 2011

a happy saturday to you.

Love my little family :)

the three little pieces of my perfect little family are back together after a week apart. i am sitting at my dining room table with an empty bowl of cereal and a hot mug of coffee, listening to music that makes me feel happy. daddy took baby walking at the mall so i could sleep in and now my two loves are back to sleep for a late morning nap. 

i was so dreading my return to boston. instead i wanted to bury myself in the cozy guest room bed at my parents' house and never leave. but, leave we did. and of course i cried. and of course i still feel like a chunk of me is far, far away. but, then, my little family makes me feel whole at the same time, somehow. 

i hope you have a weekend that makes you feel whole- with friends or family or a yummy cup of coffee.

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aeb. said...

hi i just found your blog through twitter.... i love it!! :)

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