Monday, March 28, 2011

This weekend.

This weekend was a rollercoaster of emotions and events. I had what was probably my scariest mom moment so far. Meredith loves food. If one of us is eating, she has to partake in our meal. Saturday morning I made myself toast and eggs. I decided to give her a little nibble of my egg white, even though I knew it was one of those high risk allergy foods. She loved it, of course, but a few minutes later she started rubbing her eye. Right away her eye got red and puffy with some tiny little bumps. We gave her a bit of Benedryl and wiped her eye with a warm washcloth. This puffiness has happened before  (she has very sensitive, eczema-ridden skin) and always goes away quickly. And, as in the past, it cleared up very soon.

I laid her down for a nap soon after this. An hour later, she woke and I was nursing her when I noticed redness on her face, neck and chest. As I opened up her PJs, I quickly saw she was covered in big, red hives. Chris had left at this point and I went into freak out mode. I called the pediatrician who told me to give her more Benedryl and watch her carefully for vomiting or difficulty breathing.



The two of us were a hot mess- her skin getting redder and puffier by the minute and me unable to stop the tears from streaming down my face. I kept hugging her so tight, feeling so guilty for giving her a bite of egg. It took about two hours, but finally the hives subsided and she woke up with clear skin today. 

Throughout the weekend I was just, in general, in a bad mood. Meredith has been sleeping poorly because she has a bad cold on top of the hives. We had dinner guests Friday & Saturday night, which was super fun. Having people over for dinner is one of my favorite things, but it means extra work and later nights than usual. With a baby that still doesn't sleep through the night, that makes for a very tired mama. Because of this, I have been so irritable. People's twitter posts and facebook statuses and my husband just looking at me have all made me irrationally annoyed.

So, realizing I was in a bad way, I forced my butt out the door Sunday morning. I took Meredith on a walk around a local pond and listened to a podcast my the preacher at my parents' church. The fresh air and spiritual messages really helped me feel better.




Shopping afterward didn't hurt either.

Now that it's Sunday night and I got to enjoy a date night with the hubs, I am finally feeling a bit better. Hopefully it'll last the week.  How about you? Was your weekend what you hoped it would be?


basebell6 said...

poor baby!! hope she's all over the hives and her cold and that you got some rest! i totally can relate; this has been a tough winter with sicknesses and very little sleep :(

Angie All The Way said...

OMG I would have FLIPPED! Poor thing! Poor Mama!! Does that mean that you have to avoid eggs for a certain period of time? I have baby benedryl on my shopping list - can't believe I don't have any on hand!

I understand first hand what chronic interrupted sleep can do to a person's morale - it sucks big time :-(

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