Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's for dinner?

Today I thought I'd share what the beaktweets family ate last night. We started with a yummy chipotle chicken sausage dinner. It is the craziest combination of foods and flavors, but truly delicious (and easy!). I highly recommend this recipe if you are looking for  a fast and tasty meal. We just eat it over rice.

And then, because it was Mardi Gras, I tried my hand at making a King Cake. I followed this recipe, except I used a bread machine on the dough cycle. It turned out perfectly. It is basically a gigantically delicious cinnamon roll. You could make this for dessert or breakfast any old time!

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al said...

Yum, I love anything chipotle!
Both look very delicious. I wonder if I have room in my dorm room for a bread machine...

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