Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Newport, RI


Last Thursday night my little family took our first mini-vacation together. We priceline-d an affordable room and hit the road, headed for relaxation, ocean waves and some quality family time.



I loved not having to do any cooking or dishes. It was great to not make our bed or really do any cleaning. I enjoyed a family nap, take-out in our hotel bed and several family walks. Meredith had a whole new place to explore. It was the perfect overnight for the three of us.




My favorite part was the ocean. Man, I missed the ocean this winter. Something about crashing waves, light dancing on the water and smooth sand riddled with rocks and shells for as far as the eye can see. Puts me at peace, which is exactly what I've been lacking lately.





How about you? Are you an ocean person? Or would you prefer mountains? Or maybe even the mall?



wishful nals said...

quite possibly the cutest family ever. those beach photos are priceless. so sweet! xo

jordy liz said...

i live in a mountainous region and love it... but for sure prefer the ocean. it's just so relaxing.

cute pics!

Kristin W said...

What a perfect, quick escape from reality! I love it.

Ocean is where I have to be...maybe it's just relating it to the warmth and relaxation of summer, but the beach has to be one of my favorite places.

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

GORGEOUS. looks like a great time, very peaceful. I love your sunglasses! where did you get them?

Angie All The Way said...

Oh I'm an ocean girl ALL THE WAY (hehe). I have been born and raised a Maritimer and the ocean is where my heart is. I could never move away and not be near it. In fact, I took an extra long drive home today from picking up my new glasses (to let Cameron sleep for longer in the car) and we took an old route around the Bay and it was a lovely quite drive. Loved it.

Wonderful memories you have there ;-)

basebell6 said...

totally a mountain person!! but i love your ocean pictures!! :)

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