Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Letters v2

Dear Meredith,
Congratulations on cutting your first tooth. And also? Thank you for being the happiest, giggliest, best baby today. I am a proud mama.

Dear washer & dryer,
You are so much better than the laundromat. I love that you live right off the kitchen and make a miserable chore so much more manageable.

Dear flannel bedding,
Thank you for keeping us warm this winter. I will miss the coziness, but not your frumpiness. See you in November.

Dear ficus tree,
I'm sorry my daughter is eating all your dirt and ripping up your roots. I hope you'll survive this phase. Your fellow flora, the spider plant, did not fare so well.

Dear letter T on my keyboard,
I'm sorry I spilled buter on you, but please don' fail me now.

Dear bread machine,
You make me feel all domestic-y without having to put in all that elbow grease. Hope you hold onto my love with tonight's king cake!

Dear Brad Womack,
I think you picked Emily based on how giddy you were on the "girls tell all episode." I am unacceptably excited to see your finale show.

Dear Thursday,
Hurry up, will ya?!


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basebell6 said...

i'll admit i googled the winner of the bachelor LOL

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