Thursday, March 3, 2011

little people giggles

meredith was napping. i crawled into bed, curled into a ball and buried myself under our layers of flannel bedding. as i rested my eyes and prayed for sleep, i heard a little squeak. disappointed my baby was up after such a brief nap, i listened a bit longer. quickly, i realized the sound was not coming from the baby's bedroom but through the window. the tinkering, joyful sounds of preschoolers playing at recess across the street. the sound bounced over the road, down the side of our house, through our rickety window and danced right through my ear and into my heart. and in that moment, just for that moment, i missed kindergarten. i wanted to be back in my bright blue and yellow classroom during free choice time. i wanted little boys chasing me with their lego creations while little girls drew me into their hair salons sharing love and lice. i wanted to be back watching the pure joy in little five year old faces while they simply enjoyed their surroundings.

but just for a moment. kindergarten is a magical place. a place i may want to go back to one day, but for now, most of the time, home is where i want to be.


Jessica said...

It is such a magical place! Your classroom was adorable and I envy how large it was!! (I think we may have the same alphabet train :)

basebell6 said...

awh, it is OK to miss your job. i only miss it for like fractions of seconds (like when i run into former students at the grocery store) but definitely never miss it at 6 AM. :)

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