Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Year Ago.

A year ago today I made a tiny little recording of the life and activity that was going on inside of me. I was about 25 weeks pregnant.  And while I adore my little Meredith on the outside, oh! how I loved having her inside of me.

Watch carefully and you'll see a quick little kick right after the word kick appears on the screen. Look at the top right of my belly, facing the screen.

Kickin' from Claire Traganos on Vimeo.

For a bit of an idea what I looked like not laying down :)

a few days before the video

a few days after the video


Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

I've been pretty out of control emotional about not being pregnant anymore...now that the real countdown has started to baby. Savoring each moment, as you've shown you did with this post.

basebell6 said...

it is so crazy how life changes in a year!

Melissa Scanlon said...

That is soooo amazing and incredibly special!

Mary Nevin said...

that's so so sweet, makes my heart happy :)

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