Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bobs & Ombre.

I have loooong hair. I love long hair. But honestly? I havent been able to regularly style it in quite sometime. I could get away with wet, wavy hair in the summer, but as the cold creeps in, it's just not cutting it anymore. Because of this, I find myself longing for a new 'do. I've been loving pictures of shoulder-length bobs, especially those of the wavy variety. I've never been a fan of shoulder length hair- it feels non-committal like you aren't up for a long coif, but you aren't brave enough to hack it off. But at this point? It seems like the perfect not too long and not too short length.

Also, I've been loving two tone hair. It seems like a fun, but low key way to spice up your 'do, but manage to avoid getting roots at the same time.

What do you think? Are you a fan of these styles? Are you a short hair or long hair person?


Anna {dear friend} said...

Loving these!! I like the shoulder-length look, but I'm a sucker for the long too. And the two-toned? Never really thought much about it, but I'm loving all the pics you've posted.

The one thing I want but don't have-- waves!!

Shannen Malutinok said...

You would look so good in a shoulder bob! I am going back to a bob here soon. I can't wait. John wants me to experiment with color, but I am not sure... maybe we can both try something new at the same time and compare notes.

colleen said...

i couldn't do the two tone hair (i think it's harder with blondes), but i think you would rock it. i also like the bobs (particularly) nicole richie's - but i'm like you. i've had long hair for a really long time and i think i really like it. even if short hair tempts me sometimes.

House of Milk said...

You would look awesome with a bob! Of course, I'm saying this as someone who's never actually seen you in person, so I hope that doesn't sound creepy!

diana said...

Crazy.....I have been dying to do something with my hair. And have been wanting to die it ombre for a good 6 months. Im too scared to go to a stylist I dont know though. So my back up has been to chop it off. We will see which one happens first. Love that we are completely on the same page:)

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