Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Perfect Day.

Today I lived a perfect day. As we drove home after dinner and meeting with Santa Claus, Chris described today as a perfect Claire chill day and that's exactly what it was. It was like a dream day for me.

We lounged in our pajamas until after noon. Chris and I enjoyed a classic Saturday breakfast of eggs and bacon while Meredith napped. And as her nap continued I snuggled into the couch to read. Once Meredith woke up we very slowly got ourselves ready and walked over the park. We woke to a house that was icy cold which deceived us into thinking it was a chilly day outside. In reality, it was one of those perfectly blue sky, warm days. We shed our layers as we pushed our sweet girl on the swings and chased her around leaf covered fields.

Eventually we headed home so our sandy baby could bathe and nap again. I read some more and napped myself. Once we all were awake we got ready for an outing to meet Santa and have dinner. When we arrived to the mall, we were told Santa was just leaving to "go feed the reindeer" and wouldn't be back for several hours. I shook off my disappointment as we headed to dinner. We enjoyed an unusually peaceful dinner and afterwards got hot chocolate.

As we waited to for it be made I spied Santa Claus! I followed him to his little village. He was miraculously back much earlier than anticipated. Chris was such a good sport and let us wait in line to meet the jolly fellow. And he really was a great Santa. He was so sweet to us and took plenty of time to let Meredith warm up to him. Our picture isn't  exactly the best picture you ever did see, but it was a wonderful experience.

Once home, we put our babe to bed and had our own little Christmas together. We decided not to try to bring our gifts for each other back and forth so we exchanged gifts tonight. I'm a happy wife tonight as I'm now the proud owner of my very own Kitchenaid Mixer. I've been wanting one for years, but have never really asked for one because they are pricey. I'm so thrilled to finally have one!
So that was our day. It may not read as anything special to you, but it was the exact day I needed. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Grace said...

I love this. Lucky you guys!

colleen said...

oh i loved this post! that photo of you and meredith in the park is beautiful.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I'm so glad to hear that life in California is treating you well. Moving is never easy, but you guys seem to be so happy! Cheers, and merry Christmas!!

Clair said...

I see so much about you on Anna's blog, I figured it was high time for me to browse a little here. =)

Your girl is really beautiful (and I don't say that when I don't mean it), and it reads like a special day to me too!

Look forward to getting to know your space.

Jodi Ann said...

Claire, that sounds amazing!! I hope you guys have a wonderful vacation and get lots of "Claire days" while you're there :) i love the Santa sweet!

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