Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Day in Pictures

On Tuesday I decided to try to capture a picture per hour. I didn't every hour, but these do give a good idea of how our day went. It was a beautiful day outside, we got some important errands done and even got to see Chris in the middle of the day :)

morning cartoons with dad.

back scratcher :)
trying a new no-heat curl method.
looked decent for all of 3 minutes.

quiet reading in her room
spilled spices
time for baby locks :(
limited spice rack access
morning naptime :)
surprise visit to daddy!

treated myself to in n out because... why not?


afternoon naptime!


accidentally, kle said...

Love this post, and especially the Peek-a-boo picture! :) I have a friend who I suspect would be VERY envious of where Chris now works ;)

Also, *I* am envious of afternoon naptime! I've been deprived too early! x

al said...

love this post. I keep wanting to do one, but since all I do is go to class all day, it would be a boring post. haha!

in-n-out...nom nom nom. another reason to move out west.

Jodi Ann said...

You have such a great eye for photographing things. I love this post!

mkb. said...
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Anna {dear friend} said...

i love this post too. such an interesting way to show us your "everyday".

Wow, Meredith is flexible! I remember those days. If I did that now I wouldn't be able to walk for weeks! ;)

And In 'n Out? Gah. I'm visiting you someday. That is all.


colleen said...

i love how at the end of the day meredith is just like "whatever. eff pants." good girl.

House of Milk said...

I use that same no-heat curl method, too! Just put a little styling cream that has a little bit of hold in first and it will last longer.

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