Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Month.

We've been here a month. A little more, actually. Most days it feels like much longer and I mean that in a good way. Our house is pretty settled and we're getting to know the area. I can get to the grocery store, Target and various other shopping destinations without any trouble. I'm even starting to have a pretty good feel for how the towns and roads relate to one another. Just this week Meredith and I have started to find a new routine with going to parks, going on walks, visiting the library and doing things around the house.

The other thing that has made this transition smoother is the people we've met. I have met a few other moms that have quickly allowed me to feel like I am creating new friendships. We've had several park & library playdates already. We even bumped into a friend at the park yesterday, which is one of the things I was scared about missing when leaving a place we were so familiar with.

Almost everyday, at least once, I am stopped in my tracks at the beauty of where we live. The sun shines brightly and more warmly here. The cold weather is coming, but the days have been perfect for the most part. The views of mountains keep surprising me. The different plant life fascinates me- from citrus trees, to succulents, to trees with the biggest leaves I've ever seen, to palm trees.

I just can't keep thinking how perfect of a fit this place seems. Things have gone so smoothly. We love our house, neighborhood and are finding friends. What more could we ask for? We are feeling so thankful for our new home and the blessings that have come with this move.

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