Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Christmas Memory.

It seems one of the greatest criticisms of bloggers (mostly those of the mommying persuasion) is only presenting the happiest, cleanest, most perfect of moments. So instead of just throwing up my Christmas pictures, I think I'll just keep it real :)

I've been so excited to put up lights outside our house. We've never lived somewhere where that was possible, so having our own place to decorate felt very exciting. We finally got to it today. First we had to go buy a ladder. It ended up being a bit too short. So poor Chris was balancing on our ladder while on his tippy toes trying hang the lights. Meanwhile, I am trying hand him the lights and keep an eye on Meredith. She is running in and out of the house, toddling to the neighbor's house, knocking on their front door, scream crying because one of her toys is stuck and walking dangerously close to the road.

We ended up having the wrong extension cords so Chris had to go back out. While he went out, I decided to set up our new artificial Christmas tree. As I tried to assemble it, Meredith was climbing on the couch or her rocking chair and falling out after each attempt, resulting in a crying toddler mess.

Throughout all this I just kept thinking that her reaction to the lights (she's been obsessed lately) would make it worth it. But really? She could not have cared less once we turned them all on. She said, "Lights!" once but then wanted down to be free to explore. C'est la vie!

By the end of the day, now that she's in bed and I have dinner and a beer in front of me, I'm still glad we did it. For one, it's up to us to make traditions. Christmas is such a special time and even though she may not appreciate it this year, I know she will eventually.

In closing, Dad, thanks for hanging all our lights ever year. I don't remember if you ever got frustrated with us, but I'm sure for more than one year we didn't make your job any easier. One of my happiest memories is seeing our house all lit up each year and I know it's because of your willingness to hang them that I have those happy memories. Chris, here's to many more years to come full of afternoons racing against the setting sun, begging our child to behave and squabbling with each other as we try not to kill each other :)

And now, without further ado, our house:


Anna {dear friend} said...

Looks good!! I love the deer! :)

I can't wait to one day decorate the outside of my house! Also, I want to put those single candle lights in the windows. I always think those look so good.

Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

I was just thinking today that I'm glad I don't have an exterior to decorate because I think I'd go insane - but I love the way your house looks! Makes me reconsider any pain and suffering for the final product :)

Jodi Ann said...

I love the lights!! And I love your take on Christmas memories and being "real". :)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

this exact story is why we are not doing lights outside this year. and due to the freakishly cold temperatures!

Becky said...

While it was a rough day for you, all in all, I think the house looks great.Hope you make many more memories and traditions

Kristin W said...

Thanks for sharing a "real" Christmas memory. I know you'll definitely look back on this and laugh. I love how you guys are making such great traditions and memories to celebrate with Meredith.

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