Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hopes for 2012: Malisa Price

Today we have Malisa here sharing some New Year's resolution advice!


Hello! My name is Malisa and I blog at Claire and I met through our mutual friend, Jodi. Today, I am looking forward to sharing my goal experience with you all.
Two years ago, I heard one of my all-time favorite speakers and financial advisers ever, discuss goals versus resolutions. When Dave Ramsey said that goals were specific, measurable, your own, written down, and had an end date. I had an epiphany. Those elements were ALL missing in my previous New Year's Resolutions.
Sure, I had wanted to lose weight, exercise more, read more, and all of the other wonderful resolutions myself and everyone else attempts. But these resolutions never lasted longer than about 2 minutes (the time it took for me to see a slice of cake or realize it was cold outside and there was no way I was leaving the couch to go for a walk).
In January 2010, I typed up some goals for myself. On the top I wrote my criteria: specific, written, time limit, measurable, and yours. I then wrote 6 goals that were all important to me. I wasn't writing this list so my husband would be impressed or that I could boast about it to other people, these were all things that I truly desired to do.
I then hung this standard, typical and plain piece of paper in my cubicle at work. It was taped in a spot that no one could see unless they were standing inside my cubicle. Each time I finished something on the list, I would write it down. It felt great to see progress being made!
One of my goals was to walk 365 miles in 2010. To measure my walking progress, I had a separate chart that I filled in for each mile I completed. I am so lucky to work nearby one of the most beautiful parks in California and one time around the park is 1 mile! This was a great way for me to calculate my miles and see the dent I was making in this goal.
At the end of the year, I was very happy with my progress. So happy, that I've kept the piece of paper! Here's what my goal chart looked liked:
Even though I had WONDERFUL success with my goals for 2010, this did not translate to 2011. Confession time: I didn't write my goals down for 2011. In fact, as I sit here with 2011 coming to a rapid close, I can't even remember what they were, except for two: finishing my Master's degree and saving cash to buy a new car. We did complete both of those but I'm sure there were more that I can't remember.
I learned that if I want to complete my goals, I must write them down. They also need to be something that matters enough to me to specify what I want to accomplish. Then, all I need to do, is take the steps to begin working on them! One-by-one.

Malisa blogs about cooking, crafting, and opinions about the world around her. She loves sharing the latest recipe she's modified and easy DIY crafts. Malisa enjoys discussing her experiences as a married woman and a follower of Christ in the 21st Century.

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Jodi Ann said...

I love that...I think my biggest problem is not writing my goals down and setting a time limit. This new year, I plan on doing both!

Malisa said...

I'm planning on doing the same, Jodi! I really accomplished more having the goals written down.

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